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  • An Arm and a Leg | 値段が高い 第20回「Idiomania | イディオマニア

    An Arm and a Leg | 値段が高い 第20回「Idiomania | イディオマニア

    第20回目のテーマは「An arm and a leg」 今日の慣用句は an arm and a leg です。 直訳では「腕と脚を失う」となりますが、慣用句では「大金を払う」「値段が高い」という意味になります。 We talk about the origin of this idiom then practice it in a listening practice and skit. In the skit, a stranger wants to buy a used car, but the salesman tries to sell him expensive cars. In the end, the stranger finds a very nice and affordable car. Note: This is the first appearance of the character “Strangeman”        

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  • John Daub at TEDxTokyo Teachers in 2013 Setting Silly Goals

    John Daub at TEDxTokyo Teachers: Set Silly Dreams

    John Daub spoke at TEDxTOKYO TEACHERS 2013 about his trip from Japan to the top of Kilimanjaro … with a can of coffee. He enjoyed drinking GEORGIA’S KILIMANJARO 50/50 canned coffee so much that it inspired him to set an unusual goal of taking a can of that coffee “home” to the top of Africa’s highest peak. Along the way, he met many fantastic people and had tons of little adventures. The point of the talk: Achieving or reaching the […]

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