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  • TBS ひるおび 2014年07月31日

    TBS ひるおび 2014年07月31日

    I appeared on TBS ひるおび program on 07/31/2014 to talk about the increase in foreign tourists, especially from China and how foreigners want to “do” things in Japan, not just “see” things. ひるおび (Hiruobi) is a live broadcast and I was a little nervous at first, but the host Megumi-san was very nice and I saw it as a conversation not a TV appearance. TBS sent a private car to pick me up from my house! That was really amazing! […]

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  • おしごとの英語シリーズ ビデオポッドキャスト for Smart.fm no.5

    おしごとの英語シリーズ ビデオポッドキャスト for Smart.fm no.5

    This is おしごとの英語シリーズ ビデオポッドキャスト no.5 for smart.fm (now called iknow or iknow.jp) I made a series of 8 shows highlighting their Office English course. It went on the become the no.1 video on iTunes Japan for 4 months in 2009! This episode features 4 key phrases     and we use them in an example sentence and in a drama / skit called “The Office Boys”     Educational Information + Entertainment! EduTainment!! Watch Part 4 online here. Part 6 coming soon.

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