DHC presents 「訳者冥利」楽しく英語を学ぶ on BS Fuji TV

Weblish produced 39 shows for DHC to air on BS Fuji TV. The 39 shows had a comedy situation similar to the Weblish program 「John's コメディ 英会話 ショー」 John Daub directed several of the shows in collaboration with one of Japan's best TV producers.Weblish wrote the scripts, edited and worked closely with TV engineers in MA sessions at BS Fuji's studios. DHC's page for  「訳者冥利」is here > https://www.edu.dhc.co.jp/fun_study/myouri/index.php?input                                                      Watch 「訳者冥利」 The cast included Mika Sakamoto 坂本三佳 ( TBS「日立 世界ふしぎ発見!」) and Saho Harada 原田沙穂 (Disney Channel) John taught Saho a new phrase every time. John usually played unusual characters or got into trouble. Every lesson was fun!              


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