Ms. Fujisaki’s Job Interview | 仕事の面接 [John’s コメディー英会話ショー] 第27b回

第27b回 Ms. Fujisaki's Job Interview | スキット [John's コメディー英会話ショー] Ms. Fujisaki's Job Interview | 仕事の面接 Part 2 The lesson focuses on job interview questions in English. Be prepared when going into a job interview! * Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? * 5年後の自分はどうなっていると思いますか?◆面接 Ms. Fujisaki will go to ABC corporation for a job interview with the Bucho. In the interview, the Bucho will ask her many questions. Please study lesson 1 before watching the skit. Good luck Ms. Fujisaki! We hope you get the job! weblish_bucho2007 This podcast is powered by Brightcove!


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