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Weblish is working closely with Qooco and Qooco Japan to make fun lessons online using new technology with speech recognition. The application allows students to practice what they learn by speaking and the system checks pronunciation patterns and gauges the level and speed. Unlike a lot of other online applications and software for learning English, Qooco's ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) helps students actively with their speaking, the most difficult part of communicating for English learners in Japan. Weblish will feature it's videos in conjunction with Qooco's ASR software to give students a full 360 degree lesson of reading, listening, and speaking. Qooco also has applications for writing. As the service moves entirely to the cloud across all computer platforms, smart phones and tablet computers with built-in microphones will help the service really take off -- where the cloud's the limit. The first series Qooco has created with Weblish is "Reverse Engineering English | リバース・エンジニアリング・英語" Reverse Engineering English lesson on Qooco Here is a series of short videos Weblish produced for Qooco to demonstrate the technology. The company has initially released a few of its services in Japan with much more coming in the next few months. This video focuses on kid's lessons. Adult Speech Recognition Services Video for Current Overall Services for Qooco Japan Try it out! Qooco is offering a free trial from 10/1/2011 to 10/31/2011 on OCN, Nifty and Biglobe. http://www.qooco.co.jp/member/ocn/index.html
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