Relax~ Online Lessons with John

Do you want to speak English more? But have ... No free time? Little money? Do you want to learn English at home? With your children? Late at night or very early in the morning? With a beer? A cigarette? In your pajamas on the sofa? Try out our online ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) lessons available with Qooco Japan. Qooco is a leader in this technology and has been very successful abroad. Weblish will feature the show "Reverse Engineering English" as the first course from its videos and will expand material to other fun and interesting lessons. ASR lessons are not a replacement for face-to-face lessons, but a fantastic supplement to get you to speak more instead of just reading, writing and listening. Try Qooco on So-net, OCN, Biglobe, Nifty and other ISP in Japan.


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