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Weblishは、英語を楽しく学ぶことを目的とした、日本で人気の高いイン ターネットビデオの制作会社です。現在までに、7つのオリシ゛ナル番組で、300話以上を制作! 日本だけでなく世界中の数十万人の登録者を持ち、番組はのべ2000万以上ダウン ロードされています。Weblishの英語番組では、年齢やレベルに関係なく、笑って楽しく英語を学ぶこつを教えています。興味がある方はぜひ連絡を下さい。待ってます!
Weblish is a media company producing content for TV, radio and the internet. We've worked with some of the biggest companies in Japan and abroad, inspiring people with creativity and fun.
i.    Services ii.   Partners & Clients iii.  Company Overview iv.  Equipment v.   Contact Weblish vi.  What's New Incorporated in 2005 in Tokyo, Weblish started as an online school but has blossomed into a media company with over 125,000 regular viewers across Japan, Asia and the world. Although our focus is mainly on Japan, we strive to bring people together using in-house productions that are not limited to Tokyo. Users in over 85 countries have viewed our shows. We work closely with clients in the entertainment and education industries. Weblish has been able to connect education with other products. For example, a situation in English for buying airline tickets and connecting that with a domestic airline company. With a sports apparel company, Weblish produced educational exercise videos in English to teach exercise and active words in English. Life is about learning something new everyday, and Weblish can provide a new angle for a product. In 2008, Weblish worked with DHC and other entertainment professionals to create the show Yakushamyori on BS FUJI TV. The show was broadcasted all over Japan and used the successful recipe of comedy and learning.  In all, Weblish co-produced 39 shows. Some samples are available on the DHC educational website. Our services have expanded to iPhone and iPad app creation, show production from start to finish, casting, English narrations, translations, script writing, cultural consulting, and more. Currently, we are working with a company to link Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) with our educational entertainment videos. Stay tuned for some big developments coming soon!


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