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Weblish provides it's clients with a variety of services. We have valuable experience working with TV companies and studios, magazine publishers, ad agencies, start-up companies, and lots of media outlets in Japan. Our business is not limited to education. Weblish also does a lot of tie-in projects.  We have an "anything is possible" attitude, and in the world of film and video production, it really is! Our services (but not limited to): 1. Video production (pro cameras, wireless mics, studio space, lighting, video editing with Premiere Pro CS3 and Final Cut Pro) 2. Casting (actors and narrators / English and Japanese) 3. Script writing 4. CM 5. DVD creation 6. Graphic design 7. Translating 8. Podcast syndication 9. MC services 10. Special seminars and English lessons (business, travel overseas, focused conversation ... ) ... and more! Contact our business manager to see how we can work with you. A portfolio of our work will be on display on this web site very soon.


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