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  • Japan’s Night Trains: The Izumo Sunrise Express ★ ONLY in JAPAN #32

    Japan’s Night Trains: The Izumo Sunrise Express ★ ONLY in JAPAN #32

    Night trains! That’s right. Japan has a few of them left.From Tokyo, there is one that departs daily, and if you arrive in Japan with a JR Rail Pass you can ride it – with no additional cost. That means you save on a night at a hotel while enjoying the sights of the Japanese countryside. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Departing at 10pm daily, the Sunrise Izumo & Sunrise Seto is Tokyo’s last daily night train.The […]

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  • Put the towel on your head to keep the water clean and look very stylish!

    Japanese Public Bathing Exposed: The Naked Truth ★ ONLY in JAPAN no.26

    I remember when I first came to Japan and a new Japanese friend invited me to a sento, a public bath. My first thought was “WTF dude! I’m not going get naked with you in the same bath and pretend you aren’t some naked guy next.” I grew up bathing in private, usually with just a quick shower and have considered nudity as the first step to … you know!! He probably thought my reaction was as weird as I thought him […]

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  • TBS ひるおび 2014年07月31日

    TBS ひるおび 2014年07月31日

    I appeared on TBS ひるおび program on 07/31/2014 to talk about the increase in foreign tourists, especially from China and how foreigners want to “do” things in Japan, not just “see” things. ひるおび (Hiruobi) is a live broadcast and I was a little nervous at first, but the host Megumi-san was very nice and I saw it as a conversation not a TV appearance. TBS sent a private car to pick me up from my house! That was really amazing! […]

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  • おしごとの英語シリーズ ビデオポッドキャスト for Smart.fm no.5

    おしごとの英語シリーズ ビデオポッドキャスト for Smart.fm no.5

    This is おしごとの英語シリーズ ビデオポッドキャスト no.5 for smart.fm (now called iknow or iknow.jp) I made a series of 8 shows highlighting their Office English course. It went on the become the no.1 video on iTunes Japan for 4 months in 2009! This episode features 4 key phrases     and we use them in an example sentence and in a drama / skit called “The Office Boys”     Educational Information + Entertainment! EduTainment!! Watch Part 4 online here. Part 6 coming soon.

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  • 雑誌「プレジデント」で、なんと孫正義さんの英語プレゼンを分析しちゃいました


    John Daub (ジョン・ドーブ) and Nishito Akiko (西任 暁子) broke down Masayoshi Son’s speech and highlight his strong points and weak points. Giving a key note speech, presentation or talk to a group in English requires connecting with the audience. It’s important to understand the culture of the people you are talking to. As Softbank extends more and more into the USA and turns around stuggling mobile network company SPRINT, Son’s role as CEO and leader will require bridging Japan and […]

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  • John Daub at TEDxTokyo Teachers in 2013 Setting Silly Goals

    John Daub at TEDxTokyo Teachers: Set Silly Dreams

    John Daub spoke at TEDxTOKYO TEACHERS 2013 about his trip from Japan to the top of Kilimanjaro … with a can of coffee. He enjoyed drinking GEORGIA’S KILIMANJARO 50/50 canned coffee so much that it inspired him to set an unusual goal of taking a can of that coffee “home” to the top of Africa’s highest peak. Along the way, he met many fantastic people and had tons of little adventures. The point of the talk: Achieving or reaching the […]

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  • ジョン・ドーブ in 産經新聞

    ジョン・ドーブ in 産經新聞

        On January 8, 2014, my program 「Only in Japan」was featured in Japan’s Sankei Shinbun (Newspaper) In Tokyo, the story landed on the front page. In Osaka (See below) the story had a photo from the “Amazing Japanese Toilet” Episode. It was a huge honor to be featured! See more on the ONLY in JAPAN website Newspaper Article: http://onlyinjapan.tv/産経新聞-only-in-japan-newspaper/ TBS ひるおび feature: http://onlyinjapan.tv/only-in-japan-on-tbs-ひるおび

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  • Destination KANSAI on NHK WORLD

    Destination KANSAI on NHK WORLD

    Destination KANSAI is a new show produced by JIBTV for NHK WORLD. This month, I report with Lindsay Sakamoto in Dotombori, Osaka and with Norma Cuervo in Akashi, Hyogo. The show highlights the amazing places to visit in the Kansai region of Japan. We had so much fun filming these shows. In this episode in Dotombori, Lindsay and I ate, tried Ukiyoe, took a cruise, explored the side streets, prayed at a very special temple, and had a lot of […]

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