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  • Zubrowka ズブロッカ 「早口言葉」

    Zubrowka ズブロッカ 「早口言葉」

    Weblish has been making videos with support from Zubrowka since 2009. Our video on “tongue twisters” has been an annual favorite with fans. Most recently, Weblish and Zubrowka created a new video in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo where several people celebrating the cherry blossoms tried their best to say challenging phrases. Along with our annual “tongue twister” videos, Weblish also does special videos that blend in fun and learning. In 2010, Weblish made a video at a Zubrowka sponsored party with […]

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  • Aji Pad 〜おいしい卵焼きをつくろう〜

    Aji Pad 〜おいしい卵焼きをつくろう〜

    In 2010-2011, Weblish worked with Cyber Communication Inc. and Ajinomoto to create “Aji Pad” — an app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.
    Weblish was responsible for the narrations, casting, translations and script writing. Weblish also provided the studio and audio equipment.

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  • Smart.fm「おしごとの英語シリーズ」


    Smart.fm (iKnow!), a popular educational website created by parent company Cerego Japan, worked along with Weblish to produce a show for students to highlight their online services. The result was the「おしごとの英語シリーズ」. The show was an instantly popular on iTunes Japan’s store, and hit no.1 in the ranking in 3 weeks of its debut. The show created a lot of buzz on the internet with stories being featured on popular websites like Yahoo! News and Japan.internet.com. The show remained no.1 for […]

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