TBS ひるおび 2014年07月31日

I appeared on TBS ひるおび program on 07/31/2014 to talk about the increase in foreign tourists, especially from China and how foreigners want to "do" things in Japan, not just "see" things. ひるおび (Hiruobi) is a live broadcast and I was a little nervous at first, but the host Megumi-san was very nice and I saw it as a conversation not a TV appearance. TBS sent a private car to pick me up from my house! That was really amazing! They treated me very well and I so so thankful for the experience. Perhaps I'll get another chance to be on the program again in the future. tbs_ひるおび TBS_ひるおび   ひるおび featured my show ONLY in JAPAN with some content from the YouTUBE channel and show from my private channel for TV. It is always a little embarrassing to see myself on TV in very "challenging" situations but that is part of the fun of entertainment. The studio is beautiful with over 7 cameras, a live audience of about 20-30 people and a lot of stage crew and assistance. I had my own assistant help me run through the scenario for this segment's discussion. It was extremely helpful! hiruobi07312014_6 Guests are in the middle and regulars in the studio on the left. hiruobi07312014_5 I talked about how the "rules" for capsule hotels are not written in English and the process for doing things in Japan is often different in the eyes of foreigners, like getting a ticket at a vending machine BEFORE sitting down to eat at a ramen place or restaurant. Capsule hotels often have wrist bands where you can pay for everything with a bar code and settle the bill at the end of the stay. That was new to me and I always wanted to pay with cash each time. hiruobi07312014_4 I have to remember to bow longer and be very humble for the chance to be on TV in Japan! The guest to my right is CEO of an economic analyst company and bowed lower and longer than me. hiruobi07312014_3 TBS Hiruobi URL: http://www.tbs.co.jp/hiru-obi/


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