The TOEIC Men meet!

Today, I met with Yamauchi-san, the top TOEIC instructor in Japan. He's scored a perfect 990 on the TOEIC test every time he took it! He also scored a perfect 400 on the TOEIC SW Speaking&Writing test. He will be helping me with my Weblish show "TOEIC GAME SHOW," especially with the TOEIC questions which he has created himself. The students who he helped are very happy and have improved their TOEIC scores a lot. It's an important test for people who want jobs overseas or promotions at work. Some students need it to go to a good university. << Check out Yamauchi sensei's website!  It's a very useful service! Yamauchi-san and I will be making more material for you to study TOEIC but I encourage you to use his service. Everyone who uses it improves their score each time!


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