Weblish uses Brightcove Japan, the no.1 online video platform

Brightcove Japan has been working closely with Weblish since 2009 to provide the best video platform to watch videos on this site, on your mobile device and streamed on iTunes. We are proud to be represent them with a series of opening spots on recent video podcasts. Each spot is between 5-7 seconds and features a Weblish character bringing some drama to the Brightcove logo. So far, we have 4 varieties of openings but will have 10 by summer 2012. Recently, I clocked the download speed for a video podcast streamed using Brightcove. A 100mb video file downloaded off iTunes in 15 seconds using a cable modem.  Our viewers have been very pleased with the download and streaming speeds -- our shows finish downloading to devices before many other syndicated programs on iTunes. Here are some of the video spots we've created to show our appreciation for Brightcove's awesome service.
    Abdul rocks the logo; Bartholomew cleans it. Weblish characters open the Brightcove video spot on Weblish.


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